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Saturday, February 23, 2008

First Break - Among Chip Leaders

I'm up to 65500, and when the break ends in 4 minutes, blinds will be 300/600. I've walked around about 40% of the tables and I don't see any stack which is obviously more than mine, and only about 7 which are comparable. Started with 597 players, only 4 or so got knocked out, but with no more rebuys I expect a lot more gone soon.

Last hand before break got AJ, raised 4.25x with one limper, limper and button both call. Flop comes JT4 rainbow. I have the best hand by far and the button is a donk. Should have checked to him and let him bet... Or bet like 3/5s the pot... But i stupidly bet the pot and everyone folded. Probably could've gotten at least 5k more chips but oh well.

Back to the grind...
Edit: just got a straight second hand of the next level and am now up to 70000


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