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Saturday, September 30, 2006

I shot a man in Reno

"just to watch him die..."

OK, I try to keep my blog fun-loving and entertaining, but especially with elections coming up, I'm probably going to get a little political now and then. Bear with me. There are 3 things in politics that are pissing me off to no end right now, so this will probably be part 1 in a 3-part series.

If there's one thing I believe, it's "The ends justifies the means." I really don't care how the the end is acheived, as long as it is.

A good example was when I was a counselor at Boys State over the summer. My delegates were getting a bit out of control, so I lined them up and reemed them out for disrespecting other counselors. Did I go a bit overboard? Oh definately, and I apologized many times for it. However, I didn't have a problem with any of them for the rest of the 7 days. So all told, I feel that the message was conveyed successfully.

A good portion of this comes thought comes from being from Youngstown. James Traficant was as great a congressman as you could ask for. His tireless emotion was a rallying point for the entire Mahoning Valley. He accomplished so much for Youngstown in his 18 years. We have a huge new highway that FINALLY allows me to get on I-80 East without having to get off of the highway, not to mention that I can get to our sister city--Warren--in about half the time as opposed to before it was built. And did I forget to mention the brand new arena that is downtown. Yeah, little old Youngstown has a decent arena, that is home to a hockey team and an AF2 team.

So now... if he did so much good, why do I keep referring in the past tense. Did his constituents turn their back on him, and not vote him in? No, they didn't. But his own Democratic Party did, as did the entire Government. So he may have done some money laundering and stuff... I DONT CARE. He did so much good for Youngstown, that he could have shot a guy and I would have voted for him again!

My good friend Corey Spring alerted me to another congressional scandal developing. Apparently Matt Foley, a Representative from Florida, was sending inappropriate messages to boys under the age of 18. Let me prestate this by saying, do I find that wrong and sick? Yes.

Now let's begin some philisophical debate. It is well known that I have many gay/lesbian friends. You do not choose your sexual orientation. Most people are born to like the opposite sex. However, some aren't. Some are wired to prefer their own sex. With the way our society has and still chastises gay people, why would someone choose that as a lifestyle? That's just asking to become an outcast. Very few sane people would choose to be gay.

It's the same thing with Mr. Foley, and all "sexual predators." If there's one thing that is more chastised than gay people, it's people who like minors. WHY WOULD ANYONE... IN THEIR RIGHT MIND... CHOOSE TO PREFER SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH MINORS. They wouldn't. The only conceivable reason is because that is unfortuantely what they are attracted to.

Most of them know that, because it IS wrong, they know they cannot act on these urges. If they fantasize, or talk to them, fine. They're probably sitting in their room, on their computer jacking themselves. THEY ARENT DOING HARM TO ANYONE. We shouldn't outcast these people, they already are outcasted and living in a personal hell.

If they ever ACT on these urges, then yes, lock them up and throw away the key. However, if they are being harmless like Mr. Foley, and contributing to the greater good of society, then let them keep doing contributing, because we unfortunately don't have enough people doing that.

Oh ya, Free Jim!

"I hang my head and cry..."


  • At 3:51 AM, Blogger C.W. Spring said…

    Mark (not Matt) Foley interrupted a Congressional House vote to have cybersex with one of the boys, met one, tried to meet others, and offered to serve another teen booze at his house. I don't care if he offered to build the biggest, bestest arena in Youngstown (which would make no sense since he's from Florida), that man has no place in Congress.

  • At 7:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Jim Traficant, not Foley, got money to build the arena in Youngstown.
    Jim Traficant is great, he is in prison, but a lot of us love him.
    He sent me a picture of himself last week. He is so cute:-)
    I agree with you, Foley should not be messing around with these young guys.


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