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Monday, October 02, 2006

You are not ready...

"Hov, Unstoppable, Dynasty"

Well, it's been a good weekend. Probably the best this year so far. The Dynasty was born, and there was 3 days of drunkenness. Life is good. Started it off on Thursday at Bush's house. Nothing really special happened except Caitlin got drunk and wanted to park her car in the fetal position... or something like that. Typically I would link to some ridiculous picture, but this is the best google came up with...

After the solidness that was Thursday, I said that we should do it again at my house the next night since Morgan & Andy were leaving. Well we had a little difficulty getting beer. *Cough* David sucks. *cough*

But eventually we get beer, but it's after 10, and it's not cold. So there's only one solution. Put as much of it in the freezer as humanly possible. Seems easy enough, but as my avid readers know, I have an obsession with buying in bulk and frozen food. So we had to fit as much beer as possible around:
*A giant box of Eggos
*2 Bags of Chicken Breasts
*18 Corn Dogs
*Texas Toast
*3 Fettuchini Alfredo Dinners
*Bob Evans Assorted soups and such
*an 8 pound bag of french fries
*A frozen pizza
*Copious amounts of frozen meat
*A bag of buffalo chicken
*more stuff I cant remember off of the top of my head

Did I mention the giant 8 POUND bag of french fries?? Well, after about 5 minutes of work, me and John came up with this:

That's 2 cases... AKA 48 cans sandwiched around all that food. Obviously, this in itself is a source of entertainment, however it became even better about half an hour later when Ryan decided to grab a beer, and opened the Freezer, only to have beer bombard his poor skull.

Well after like 10 games of pong that took like 3 hours, it was 1AM and we were running out of beer. So after The Dynasty (Brandon and myself) defeat another poor opponent, we're milling around with not enough beer left. When all of a sudden, Bon Jovi's "Livin on a Prayer" comes on the stereo. Everyone at my house, like 10-15 of us, spontaneously bust out into song. It may have been the most random thing I've ever seen. After seeing the greatness that is song singing en masse, I rush to queue up Bohemian Rhapsody, Don't Stop Believin', Jack & Diane, and finally Piano Man. Random swaying and lyric shouting accompanied each song. Then the dorm-living kiddies bought us free meal plan burritoes, and the night ended happily.

Saturday arrives, with the Dynasty currently being 13-2 over two nights, and we head back to Bush's house for the OSU game and more debauchery. A lot of drinking was done, not to mention some 1 on 1 ten-cup pong, which always is a source of drunkenness (but that's a story for another time). So with all of us feeling pretty good, we head to the roof.

We start yelling "O-H" from the roof... "and you know what's gonna happen." (I wonder who from OSU wont catch that reference). So then after they respond "I-O", we toss them a beer for them to chug right there. Good times.

Meanwhile, I took photos of stuffs... Like Bush doing something
classy... And the view of a bunch of people... And me and Bush being awesome...

Oh ya, and The Dynasty finished 16-2 for the weekend, and we didn't play most of Saturday to give others a chance. Oh ya, and of course Brandon's awesome. Oh and Rahkeem, yes you are also awesome because your house had a champagne party and that's ridiculous.

"I Just want you to know"


  • At 7:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    sounds like a lot of fun, you drunks<
    be happy> you only live once<
    2 on 2 out> make it a good one<


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