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Saturday, November 25, 2006

I'm on My Way Home

Youngstown OH (AP) - Those that know me, know that I have a ridicuously nice and expensive phone that can probably bake a cake if I got the software to do it. One of the nice functions that it (and many other phones) can do is have personal ringtones for each caller. I make custom mp3 ringtones on my computer, and then send them to my phone.

Some examples are:
Rahkeem - Mr. Roboto by Styx
Brandon - B.Y.O.B by System of a Down
Paul - Numb/Encore by Jay-Z & Linkin Park
David - I feel Like a Woman by Shania Twain
April - For the Love of Money by The O'Jays
Rob - Team America Theme Song
Bethany - Shadow by Ashlee Simpson

among many others... (if you know the meanings behind all 7 of those, major props to you).

One day, Rahkeem and I, (possibly others as well) were sitting on the porch when los padres came back from wherever they were. We began discussing my ringtones when mi madre asked what hers was...

Well I played it for her, but between it being somewhat-rappish, and the fact that she was drunk and not paying attention, she probably didn't hear it.

Now this blog is going to turn emo like a bad live journal, so feel free to quit reading.

Well the very first ringtone I made was for when my house (which is basically my mom) called me. I used the song, 'My Way Home' by Kanye West & Common. There were certain lines that I wanted to include in the tone, so I spliced it together and put a little effort into making it sound good. Here's how it goes...

Might not be such a bad idea
if I never went home again.
I'm on my way home.
Home is where the hatred is.
Home is filled with pain.
And it might not be such a bad idea
if i never went home again.

Well, just so there's no misinterpretation, there are the lyrics in english. As much as I've tried, 'Home' has still been Youngstown. And because of this, the song is true. Well, I've given up. Youngstown just happens to be where I go every now and then to see my wonderful extended family and friends. Hell, its where everyone including Miss Fuckin Nicotine Selfish Scrooge Cheating Whore lives. And guess out of everyone who it is I don't want to see.

So right now, I'm going home. I'll be there in a little over 3 hours, after I go to breakfast.


  • At 2:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I didn't see my name there!!
    What ringtone do you have for me?
    This better be good lol
    It was great seeing you.


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