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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fill the Briefcase with Ten Dollar Bills

"Keep a skateboard, a spray can for the taggin..."

After a month hiatus, I'm back. With... The mystery of the Ten Dollar Bill!

Such an innocent little bill isn't it?

Now, anyone that knows me knows that I love Alexander Hamilton (mainly because I firmly believe that the United States wouldn't exist at this moment if it wasn't for him... but if you want my political/historical opinions, ask me another time). Anytime anyone even suggests that Ronald Reagan should be on the Ten Dollar bill, my blood starts boiling. The ten dollar bill needs to stay with Alexander Hamilton on it.

Also, the ten is a good denomination. Not big like a 20 where you don't want to break it, but it's so much more convienent than carrying around a bunch of 5's. Well, I had this in mind on Thursday afternoon before I went to Youngstown. A lot of times when I go to the old Y-Town, we end up playing poker. And we always need ten dollar bills because everyone only carries twenties.

So I go into a gas station because I needed a single-serving of Advil and a couple of beverages for the road. Typically I would just charge it, or use a 5 I had laying around. But then I thought, "Hey, I can break a 20 and get a 10 AND a 5 back! This will be good for poker." So I pay with a 20.

And what did I get back? Three (3) 5 dollar bills. Well, that plan backfired.

Fast forward now... It's Thursday night and Rahkeem and myself are at Marc's buying beverages. The total is something like $9.24, so what I do a little celebratory dance for keeping it under $10, and proceed to pull out a 20 to pay with.

I pay the cashier, and she hands me the change... Two (2) 5 dollar bills. Grr...

Fast forward to Saturday morning now... My mom decides to give me some money for my birthday since she didn't last month when it was. I'm like mmkay, if you're going to give me money, I'm not going to stop you. Yay for a free odd number of dollars. (Note that when I say odd, I mean odd even number... $10/$30/$50/$70 etc.) Now when you get an odd number of dollars.. you tend to get some amount of twenties, and a ten to make it odd.

What does she throw down towards me? Two (2) 5 dollar bills. WTFWTFWTF

Let's Count... My wallet started with 2 Twenties and 2 Fives...

I know have 0 Twenties and SEVEN (7) Five Dollar Bills.

I'm all about a big wallet but *sheesh*.

Oh and this is a cool picture I took driving back to Columbus. Click here for full size

"Livin it up, not givin a fuck, livin life in the fast lane"