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Saturday, February 23, 2008


Meh. Out 145/600. Just went card dead for the last 90 minutes or so. Only 2 decent hands were an AK that i made a miracle fold because i knew other guy had rockets. and last hand i got KQ in the big blind, small blind shoves in an obvious steal, and i call. He has pocket 5's and i get no help.

Driving back to Columbus now. Will write more of a recap when I get on my computer tomorrow

Third Break

Up to 219k, still sittin pretty good. Haven't got that many good hands lately. They moved a bunch of new people to my table. An old guy who got like 6th last year, and this annoying bitch that's complained about the cards and the table. I gotta blow it off. Havin problems with that for some reason.

First Break - Among Chip Leaders

I'm up to 65500, and when the break ends in 4 minutes, blinds will be 300/600. I've walked around about 40% of the tables and I don't see any stack which is obviously more than mine, and only about 7 which are comparable. Started with 597 players, only 4 or so got knocked out, but with no more rebuys I expect a lot more gone soon.

Last hand before break got AJ, raised 4.25x with one limper, limper and button both call. Flop comes JT4 rainbow. I have the best hand by far and the button is a donk. Should have checked to him and let him bet... Or bet like 3/5s the pot... But i stupidly bet the pot and everyone folded. Probably could've gotten at least 5k more chips but oh well.

Back to the grind...
Edit: just got a straight second hand of the next level and am now up to 70000

One Hour In

Lost about 6k early on tryin to bluff some redneck, then chipped up to 45k where I am right now. Hit a river straight and two pair with A3 to get there. Not playin great at the moment but plenty of time left

Never Thought 38500 Could Look So Small


Well it seems like we have a bunch of people at my table who have played before. But they all seem to be the typical 'OMG ONLINE POKER IS RIGGED' ... So i don't mind playin against em. There's a young kid two to the right of me that i'm most worried about. Quiet type.

Still waitin to start though. Apparently they added 60 more seats so we might be playin 11-handed... Blah

Gettin Ready to Start

Compared to a few hours ago, this place is packed. There's 10 minutes til we're supposed to start but the check-in/registration line still has a good 70 people in it... I'm at Table 10... Sponsored by McCullough Drywall & Supplies. Haha. So far only 4 people at my table not counting me. Couple old guys and a middle aged one. Not worried yet, but we'll see once the cards are in the air.


Well good news is I won the first satellite I played in. Paid 23 bucks and won my 100 dollar buy in for the main event. Other good news is that I completely ran over my table. Eliminated 6 of the 8 people myself. Bad news is that they decided that the sat I played in would be the last of the day, so I had to saw the hundred bucks for the rebuy/addon. Other bad news is that I naw have used up my luckbox in the satellite. Only lost 2 hands, and was only behind in one. But most of the hands I did win were on coinflips, and I can't expect to keep winning 80% of my coinflips.

But that's done with. i now have 90 minutes to burn until the main event starts so I'm off to downtown Lima to find the infamous Kewpee...

Middle of Nowhere

Well, i'm on state route 117 west headin north. My last 30 seconds were spent without cell service driving through Roundhead, OH. Signs say I'm 18 miles away from Lima. And i'm goin 60mph on this 2 lane road, but apparently that wasn't fast enough for the Escalade that was just compelled to pass me.

Best part of Roundhead? ... The elderly couple walking into R.J Osborn Tax Services... Which is logically located across the street fro Osborn Trucking. Gotta love bumfuck ohio.

Late Start as Expected

No suprise here... Woke up about 40 minutes late, which i did plan for. What i didn't plan for was spending 10 minutes cleaning off bonne while a Chevy Aveo kept circling the block trying to splash me for no apparent reason.
More to come...

Bed Time

Well, 12:30. Alarm set for 6:45. Hopefully I'll actually get up. If so, see ya tomorrow!

Friday, February 22, 2008

On the Road Again...

First things first. I moved the blog onto my own permanent hosting. So the blog is now officially located at instead of

The old Blog Spot address should still work though. The reasons for this are numerous. The main being it gives me options with how to proceed. I may consider making this into numerous blogs, or I may convert to WordPress (another blogging package). If I do either of those, I will probably just archive this one.

The other option, and the one I will do for the immediate future, is to just throw everything into this one. Mainly because of the next news.

Assuming I'm able to fall asleep within the next 2 hours or so, I plan on getting up around 7 or so and showerin and stuff before headin up to Lima, Ohio. It will be my first real time in Western Ohio, since Cincinnati is Southwest and Toledo/BG is Northwest.

The reason for this excursion is the Lima Poker Championship being held at the Allen County Fairgrounds. It is a up-to 600 person $100 charity tournament. It is actually quite excellent structure... almost equal to some of the premiminary World Series events. This should take some amount of luck out of it, and make it better for more skilled players, which I believe gives me an advantage. Last year, I believe they had about 300-some players, and the winner received $12,000, so I'm looking forward to the opportunity.

The doors open at 9AM, and they will be running $20 satellites until the main tournament starts at 1PM. I hope to get there by 10AM, hopefully play and win 2 satellites, which would pay for my $100 entry fee, $50 rebuy, and $50 add-on amounting to a total for 35,000 chips... all for a whopping $40 bucks. If this succeeds, I hope to have an hour or two break and head into Lima for a little viewing of the suburb-less Youngstown of the west and see if I can find one of these infamous Kewpee's that is supposedly Wendy's but better. Then back to the fairgrounds for a rousing session of poker, hopefully culminating in winning.

This leads me to the next fun fact. I've found out that Blogger allows mobile blogging. So all throughout tomorrow, I plan on sending fun little pictures and captions, as well as status updates on my progress to this here blog via my phone.

Hopefully I'll be finding a hotel in Lima and be back in Columbus on Sunday, because I'll have been playing poker for 16 hours and will be too tired to drive back.

So all I can say is wish me luck, and Stay Tuned...

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's Been a Long Time

"I shouldn't have left you..."

Post-Write edit: I realized this rambles a bit and derails every now and then. Deal with it

Well, I decided to start up the ole blog again after a year hiatus. After having just read all of the entries on the first page, I realized that almost invariably, somewhere around my second sentence I promise to write more. So I'm going to do that again. I hope to revive the blog and post regularly.

With that being said, Ghetto Spice Up Your Life feat. Nas may be retired. It originally started as me wanting to do a little writing and make a simple joke or two (as evidenced by the first four or so posts coming all in one night). Then it evolved into finding ways to incorporate music lyrics, even when completely inappropriate. And then, it eventually reached a point where I was trying hard to practically write entertaining short stories filled with non-sequitor humor. And while I can pull it off for a while, it just can't be sustained.

To digress, the recent WGA strike created some of the best (and worst) TV in years. Conan working without writers created some moments that are without a doubt, the funniest things I've seen on his show. However, I know very well that if forced to keep it up for much longer (I believe he was on the air for about 5-6 weeks during the strike), it would have become old and tiresome. You simply cannot continue to create comedy gold at a regular rate off-the-cuff.

Anyway, It got to a point around the autumn of 06 that I started trying too hard to be funny. I didn't do many entries, and the ones I did do took me over an hour to craft until I was satisfied with it. It wasn't for a lack of material. I had plenty of GOOD stories. However, in my mind, I had a shortage of GREAT stories.

Plus, I'm a narcissistic bastard. I need to feel loved for some ungodly reason. So when I write something that I think is amazing and get no comments, something I can't control gets pissed off. I know it's appreciated because I look at the logs and see all the people reading it. I know I enjoy writing it. Just people aren't commenting. I can't bitch. I read things all the time that I thoroughly enjoy, but don't comment on. I just can't explain it, but I'm needy in that department.

So I came to a crossroads. Do I make real short entries trying to be real entertaining? Do I make long entries combining stories? Do I wait to see if a great story can be created? Well, I simply chose D) None of the Above. When faced with a decision that is ultimately inconsequential, I tend to just not make a decision. So that is why the blog has been stagnant for the past year and two days.

With these thoughts now typed into the series of tubes that is this internet, I am faced again with that decision. Do I choose to simply let this blog evolve once again? I think not. As I plan on posting later on, things have changed immensely in this past year. Let alone in the past 20 months since I started this blog. There's some entries on here that I still find funny, and will go back and reread and still laugh to this day.

I want to be able to write. When (If) I ever graduate, I'll probably be working with computers. Simply because I'm good at it, and it pays well. But anyone who knows me, knows that my passion is to entertain. I want to make people smile and laugh. ... Limp Bizkit said, "Drama makes the world go around." But for me, being able to make someone smile when they're sad, or just sitting around with a group of people and being able to make them laugh is what makes my world go around. I'm like a freaking celestial being. I need to have things gravitating to me. I want the world to be Andycentric.

It doesn't matter how, but I need to do it. In Fifth Grade, I created a newspaper for my classmates to buy from me. In eighth grade, I started filming videos. In tenth grade, I hosted 2-3 online radio shows a week. One of them was mainly for Dutch people, and these people stayed up and waited for it to be 10PM (that I did when I got off school at 4) each Thursday so they could hear my 2-hour show before going to bed. Then Junior/Senior year, I was in speech and plays. All throughout high school I would find funny videos and such (back before YouTube) and love having people over to watch them. Then, I got to college and joined the student TV station. Within 6 weeks of being here, I was co-hosting my own sports show. By my second quarter, I was became a regular guest doing segments on the station's most-watched show. If I walked through campus on any given day, I'd have at least 5 people stop me that I had never met and go, "Hey Farva! You're the man! Keep it up!!" I signed 3 autographs. Somewhere around then, I moved to behind the camera. Directing or doing audio. I still loved it. Seeing my name scroll in the credits as Director/Technical Director - Andy "Farva" Pokrivnak just would make me happy. That's when the blog started and hit its peak not long after. There was some gold over summer and into autumn, but that's when it fell apart.

My time at Buckeye TV ended. Theatre no longer wanted me around, unless it was on their terms. Yet, I kept trying because I wanted... no, I needed that creative outlet. I tried to keep it up while taking 23 hours of classes and working 15 hours a week. I just burnt out. Not going to BTV for that winter 07 intro meeting just... something was just different. I was living off-campus with just two other people. They didn't need to be entertained. I didn't have the TV station. I was feeling unsatisfied with the blog. I didn't know what to do.

I've muddled through the past year+. I went from being on pace to graduate in 3 years, to being a senior not in his major, to not knowing if he'll be able to graduate with his planned degree at all, let alone in 4 years. Now I'm considering double majoring in History and my original planned Information Systems. It'll keep me here an extra 2-3 quarters, but I guess that isn't so bad. Then, I'd have the option to get a Masters in Education if I wanted and be able to teach HS History, and probably run the school's computer network as well. Will it satisfy my entertainment needs? Probably not. But more so than sitting in a cube looking at people's disk quotas all day. And of course, all the while attempting to somehow get my sitcom written and picked up, or becoming a director, or a sports analyst, or some type of anchor, or a poker pro... y'kno, my dream jobs that I would enjoy.

So what does it have to do with this blog?

I'm gonna try to write more often.
Some will be the old school comedy gold.
Some will be rambles and thoughts like this one.
Some will be my opinions on things.
Some will be rants.
Some might be something I can't even fathom right now.

If nothing else, I implore you to continue reading. Even if some of the topics aren't typically your cup of tea. I like to think that I can empathize with anyone and see things from all viewpoints. Plus, my mind is pretty unique, and hopefully the more serious topics might provide an insight into how it works. Plus, I need my ego fed. So throw me a bone.

With that, I've now spent an hour typing this up instead of studying for my Econ test that's now in 8 hours. Yay for being an expert at procrastination.

Seacrest out!

"If at first you don't succeed... You can dust it off and try again."