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Thursday, January 04, 2007

As We Go On

"We remember..."

So, I'm back in Columbus after being in Youngstown for about 10 days over Christmas. (And going back for one night tomorrow, but that's irrelevant.) I always enjoy finding the remnants of my high school life in random places when I'm in Youngstown.

Well I wandered into my closet. (Note the old school sorta-Hawaiiesque shirt), and turn to my left:

Awww, how reminiscent... My Academic Challenge shirt.

But wait... what is that down in the bottom corner that kinda blends in?

Haha look, a poorly-hidden bottle of Kahlua in my closet. Finding this intrigues me to look around further. First I look in my chest that the bottle is sitting on.

Oh look, 3 unopened Bud Lights... 3 unopened 7oz Bud Lights. Where the hell did I get 7oz Bud Light's from you ask? Well, after thinking about it for a while, I remembered when Howard (the owner's son when I worked at Sparkle) paid me and the other stockers to bag his groceries and drive them to his house. On one of the last day's he gave me like $40 and a case of Bud Light to throw the trash out of his garage. So they've been sitting in there for over 3 years. Anyone wanna try one?

So lastly, I look next to the chest...

Gee Golly, another Bud and a finished Mike's.

It's funny looking back at it, because right now I've been posting many blogs about my drunken antics, whereas a year ago I had to hide it. Granted, I didn't really care since my parents know I drink and have known, but that's irrelevant.

Back to insulting my landlord in the next blog...

"And as our lives change..."